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As important as media selection is to the success of an advertising campaign, it’s only half the equation.  If your creative isn’t on target, lousy sales could be the least of your problems; you could also damage your brand.

The best creative talent in advertising no longer work for “the man”.  Rich Marketing partners with the best free-lance producers, writers, designers and creative agencies in the market to bring the right talent to your project.  With Rich Marketing, you never get a “one size fits all” approach.

Lead-based Marketing
Rich Marketing is skilled at mixing multiple media, such as broadcast, cable and Internet advertising in client specific proportions to create measurable increases in web traffic, store traffic and customer leads.

Social Marketing
“Social Marketing” is marketing to achieve specific behavioral goals to benefit the target audience for a social good.  This concept has evolved over the years into a more sophisticated approach which draws from successful techniques used by commercial marketers.  The same marketing principles that are used to sell products to consumers can be used to “sell” ideas, attitudes and behaviors.  Rich Marketing provides well-planned and efficiently placed media campaigns to change behavior to achieve social good.

Media Campaign Partnerships
Commercial marketers can contribute to the achievement of social good.  Local businesses and national corporations are searching for social and cause related marketing media campaigns to align themselves with and market the good they bring to their communities.  Rich Marketing helps bring these partnerships together with partnership planning, packaging, pitch support and media campaign development to stretch and grow social and cause related marketing budgets.

Cause Related Marketing
Research shows consumers favor brands who give back to the community.  Rich Marketing works with non-profits, for-profits and the media to develop win-win-win partnerships.

Telephone surveys and focus groups are the most tried and true research tools available, yet Internet based surveys are finding their place as low-cost quick-feedback mechanisms.  Whatever questions you need answered, Rich Marketing can help you create actionable research designs and choose the best supplier for the job.